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Hard Cider

Our cider is crafted from apples grown in Tamworth, and surrounding communities. We hand pick, press, and blend it to create what we consider the best product available locally. Dry, slightly bitter and sour; just like us!

Blueberry Cranberry Mead

Our mead is different from anything you have ever had, and until you taste it, you will never know what you are missing out on. We use New England Blueberry honey, along with local cranberries, and low bush blueberries to make this dry, refreshing beverage that will change your life.

About us

Our vision for first class hard cider

Eric Dube got his first license to produce wine shortly after graduating from Sterling College in 2013. As his senior project at Sterling, he created a business plan for a hard cider business that focused on environmental stewardship, and local economy. Dube Cider was in business for two years, using a press that Eric milled and built himself, using local apples acquired through trades with landowners, and sold only at the Tamworth farmer's market. In early 2014, Eric partnered with Will Robinson, a southern transplant with extensive experience in experimental fermentation, and Dube & Robinson was born.

Our team

We are Dube and Robinson....literally
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Will Robinson

President of Vice
He is really great!
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Eric Dube

El Presidenté
Eric is a Tamworth local who enjoys fishing, snowboarding, bicycling and skateboarding. He constantly struggles to not take on new projects. He makes cider because he likes to drink it.

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